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EmpiriQ Development Solutions (EDS) is a multinational, multidisciplinary team that focusses on forming strategic partnerships with developers and entrepreneurs focussed on the rapidly urbanizing sub Saharan African market.

EDS is especially well positioned to support commercial property development, energy generation and technology driven projects with reaching financial close. By leveraging our network of local and international investors and financiers as well as our in depth understanding of the African market, EDS is the perfect development partner for African based entrepreneurs as well as international developers looking to enter this opportunity rich market.

Our key competencies include:

 helping you achieve financial close 

We want to help you focus on your product. Let us help you with the integrated funding solution you need to get your product off the ground.
and Deal
Creation of a
Creation of
 helping you make an impact with your business 

When working in Africa, local community engagement is critical. Let us help you make sure your project is implemented successfully in the context while positive local community impact and acceptance is achieved.

Creating Value in Africa

unlocking unprecedented potential

An estimated 90% of urban growth worldwide will occur in developing countries. The United Nations stated in a 2007 report that the urban population in African and Asian cities will double by the year 2030, adding 1.7 billion people to these cities. That is more than the combined population of present day China and The United States. Nighty five percent (95%) of the population on the African continent falls within the emerging market and is responsible for 71% of the African Market. The average emerging market consumer is a debt- free consumer with a growing expendable income. Over 250 million Africans will have disposable income for the first time within the next decade.

As stated by Dr. Andrew Kuper in a McKinsey & Company insight in February 2014: “In fact, as books like “Portfolios of the Poor show”, 85 percent of low-income and emerging consumers are not destitute, are not pure recipients. They are working, striving people who are managing money and who are typically engaged in 16 financial transactions at any one time—borrowing from here, promising to pay there, protecting themselves here and there. There is an opportunity to serve them with much more efficient tools."

The article also states that - "once you put this synergistic combination together of profit and purpose, the results you get on both sides are stronger. Since the Industrial Revolution, this notion of a trade-off that has been practiced has actually been a fetter on humanity. And we can liberate businesses, we can liberate investors, and we can really liberate societies to invest in a very different way because of this demonstrated performance of the purpose-driven business."

The Global Economic Pyramid:
Underserved = Opportunity
Focussed products and services: Only 3-5% of formal sector products and services aimed at this market
Top and Middle Class:
Customers: 30-40% of global customers
Income: more than $300 per month products and services aimed at this market
Focussed products and services: 95-97% of formal sector
Population: ±2.3 Billion
Economic Influence: ±$15-25 trillion
Bottom of the Pyramid Market:
Customers: 60-70% of global customers
Income: $50 - $300 per month
Population: ±4.7 Billion
Economic Influence: ±$5 trillion
The combination of the immanent growing opportunities in the emerging consumer market and a profit-with- purpose approach, EmpiriQ is strategically positioned to contribute to socio economic change in Africa. EDS leverages its knowledge and experience in the emerging consumer markets to tailor business models and strategies in collaboration with its clients, that are uniquely contextualised for the specific needs of underdeveloped urban African communities across various market sectors.
 EmpiriQ methodology in an African context 
EmpiriQ’s methodology involves a unique combination of the following Key Solution Elements* to develop sector specific market solutions. These elements include:
  • Quantum jumps in economic efficiency: Price/Performance - Price/Value Ratio
  • Hybrid solutions blend old and new technologies/business models
  • Scalable and transportable operations across borders and languages
  • Reduce resource intensity – Eco friendly
  • Radical product redesign
  • Build tailored logistical and service infrastructure
  • Process innovation is as important as the product
  • Deskill processes and professionalise through smart systems
  • Education in product use
  • Design for hostile environments
  • Adaptable across cultures and languages
  • Appropriate, tailored distribution methods: spread out rural & high density
  • Focus on broad architecture and integrated platforms
  • Design for rapid changes and improvements
  • Challenge existing paradigm e.g grid based electricity.
  • Localised Value creation
  • Unconventional partnerships – NGO’s/Governments/FBO’s/Communities
* Adapted from Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, by C.K. Prahalad


EmpiriQ combines these solution elements in appropriate business delivery platforms to provide market-driven business solutions that provide:
innovation to unlock
potential with a
holistic approach
financial engineering
to provide tailored
funding solutions
mentorship and
capacity to ensure
resilience and
Access to


what we've done

EmpiriQ has a track record of facilitating foreign interest by developing commercially viable investment opportunities in order to gain access to the recession resilient Emerging African Market.

Notable Projects:

Location: Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa

Role: Development Partner

Size: 10,000sqm gross leasable area

Project Scope: ± R124 million
Location: Soshanguve, Gauteng, South Africa

Role: Development Partner

Size: 8,000sqm gross leasable area

Project Scope: ± R90 million
Location: Throughout South Africa

Role: Rollout Partner

Project Scope: ± R100 million
Location: Merida, Mexico

Role: Co-Developer and Funds Sourcing

Size: 30 MW Output Capacity

Project Scope: ± R500 million
Solar Power
Senior Care
Location: Forsyth County, Georgia, United States

Role: Developer and Funds Sourcing

Size: 101 Unit Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility

Project Scope: ± R220 million
Location: Gwinnett County, Georgia, United States

Role: Developer and Funds Sourcing

Size: 94 Unit Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility

Project Scope: ± R170 million
Senior Care
Location: Blacksburg, Virginia, United States

Role: Co-Developer and Financial Advisor

Size: 12,100sqm Retail with IMAX, 105 unit Hotel,3,700sqm Office, 600 Student Housing units, 2 parking decks

Project Scope: ± R2 Billion
 some of our partners and clients 

EmpiriQ has developed strong relationships over the past six years with a number of infuential groups. At EmpiriQ we believe that choosing the right partners is more important than markets, business models and strategies.
Power Utility
Property Developments
Eyethu Local
Xaris Power

The Team

who we are

EmpiriQ Development Solutions consists of a group of young, qualified and dynamic individuals.

Stephen Galbraith
Bachelors of business administration in marketing
Marshall University

Stephen has over a decade of experience in the capital markets, real estate development and finance sectors. Projects span the commercial industry and include: retail, multifamily, public use facilities, industrial, office, medical, hotel resorts, entertainment venues, infrastructure projects, and alternative energy (solar, wind, biomass, waste conversion, etc.). Stephen has also been involved in setting up community development authorities and tax increment financing.

Stephen has experience in handling all aspects of retail projects, including the acquisition, financing, structuring of equity and joint venture partnerships and disposition of retail properties.
Cobus Truter
B. Eng Industrial/Systems Engineering
University of Pretoria

Cobus has extensive experience in business development, deal structuring and program management in the African Urban real estate and retail market. Cobus has co-founded Melana developments, a South African based commercial real estate development company.

He was also involved in the identification and exploration of social entrepreneurship opportunities. Cobus co-founded Enterprise Development Africa (EDA), a NGO focused on the training and mentoring of entrepreneurs in the Emerging Market. EDA has trained well over 300 entrepreneurs which led to the establishment of several small businesses. His work has led to several Emerging Market-based projects in the housing, ICT, micro finance & retail sector.
Niel Vermaas
B. Eng Industrial/Systems Engineering
University of Pretoria

Niel has extensive experience in construction and development project feasibility analysis and financial modelling to support international investment proposals. He also has experience in the development of strategic business plans used for, among others, raising start-up capital and international funding for commercial property developments.

Niel has co-founded Melana developments, a South African based commercial real estate development company.

Some key areas of involvement are financial planning and modelling; project feasibility analysis; international funding compliance; systems analysis, development and implementation; strategic business and strategy development; business process management and optimisation.

Koos Truter
M. Engineering Management (Cum Laude), B. Eng Hons. (Chemical)
University of Pretoria

Koos has over 25 years of Management Consulting experience in the Support Services sector including corporate real estate; facilities management, production support services and commercial real estate services. Koos has been involved in the development of support services solutions to supply and demand- side customers in the oil & gas, automotive, power generation, telecommunications, and corporate real estate sectors as well as the engineering management consulting and the transformation thereof into a facilities management operation.

Koos also has extensive experience in production and operations management in the iron and steel, chemical processing, power generation, telecommunications and property industries and has been involved in process and technology development projects in the steel, process, and power industries. Koos has a further 5 years experience in the set-up, governance and management of NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations).

Werner Kruger
Bsc. Arch (Architecture)
University of Pretoria

Werner has extensive experience in integrated development planning in the emerging African market. His main involvement is in the identifcation of real estate and retail opportunities, community involvement programs, local economic development strategies, integrated community development programs and new- urbanist walkable community planning.

Focus areas include the development of concept proposals for government and private investment projects; overseeing building planning & design development; development of alternative building methods; and business and operations management.
Chris Truter
B.Eng Civil
University of Pretoria

Chris Truter possesses a comprehensive knowledge of designing and developing projects to required specifcations, focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability. He is easy going by nature and with a strong emphasis on teamwork he likes to take a project forward. His passion for creative and lateral thinking, combined with an advanced technical understanding results in a unique set of problem solving skills which are both practical and economical.

Chris Truter is involved in the structural design of heavy and light industrial structures, commercial building and shopping centres. His experience includes structural steel design, reinforced concrete design, post-tension concrete design, site supervision and rebar inspections on concrete structures. He has also been involved in the planning, design and project management of industrial, commercial, retail and residential structures.

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